Which cake topper is best for us?

Which cake topper is best for us?

Make it simple, but significant.

Which cake topper is best for us?  While the cake topper may not seem like a huge deal, it has the potential to add a special touch to your wedding cake. Remember, that topper is going to show up in many of your wedding photos, so you want to pick the perfect one. Keep the following tips in mind to make sure you choose the perfect option that will complement your cake and your special day.

Choose a style that matches the cake 

Your wedding cake is the center piece of your wedding reception, so it’s important to choose a wedding cake topper in a style that matches your cake. You want something that will enhance and complement your cake, but avoid something that takes away from your cake’s beauty.

Pay attention to the size and weight

You definitely do not want to choose something that is so small it’s dwarfed by your wedding cake. However, you don’t want something so large that it makes your cake look smaller. The weight of the topper also needs to be considered. Something too heavy could start sinking into your cake or cause it to topple over, resulting in a wedding disaster…

Keep Your Theme in Mind

Think about the theme of your wedding when choosing your cake topper. For example, if you are going with a beach themed wedding, a topper that sticks with that theme is perfect. Your topper does not have to go with the theme exactly, but it’s nice to carry the theme and wedding colours out in the one you choose.

Be creative

Have a personalized topper created to look like you and your partner. Choose something that shows a shared hobby or interest, a special memento from a trip, etc. Choose something that will make you both smile on your special day.  A personalized wedding cake topper makes your wedding very creative and adds a sheer layer of romance, glitz & glamour to the reception.  Ask the baker to come up with some ideas as well. And choose what you feel is the best fit for you.

Family Heirloom

To honour your parents, grandparents or someone else that was very close to you and your partner, and it’s available, why not use the cake topper from that person’s wedding. It not only adds a lot of emotional value to the decor, but also pays homage to someone special.

The idea is that whatever style you pick for your wedding cake topper, it should be a symbol of your personality, your style and your love for each other.  That’s what makes it a special piece to be cherished forever.